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Be an Engineering Ambassador at CSUF and Earn a $500 Scholarship!

The Engineering Ambassadors Network (EAN) is a professional development program that will help you to develop effective leadership, oral presentation, and networking skills. You will attend a national training conference to develop your communication abilities and use these skills to inspire K-12 students to explore engineering and computer science possibilities!

Program Expectation 

  • Participate in the national training conference
  • Complete two individual 30-minute presentations (or) four group 30-minute presentations to K-12 students
  • Attend weekly meetings for 3 semesters.

Application Requirements 

  • Be a full-time undergraduate student who has completed at least 30 units of college work, preferably with 3.0 GPA or greater
  • Send your 1) resume and 2) unofficial transcript by email to with the email subject line: “Engineering Ambassadors Application” by the deadline.

Selection Process 

  • Screened applicants will be contacted for a group interview 
  • Selection will be based on academic qualification, the interview, and active participation on-campus and in the community
  • Approximately 15 ambassadors will be chosen
  • A $500 scholarship will be provided for those who successfully complete the program.

About EAN

The EAN Program started in 2009 at Penn State, and has become a national model in mission to promote engineering to the K-12 community. Currently over 30 universities in three different countries have adopted this model to share the impact of engineering on the health, happiness, and safety of our world, as well as inspire youth with the amazing opportunities engineering offers. Engineering Ambassadors are students who enjoy talking with K-12 students and sharing their passions about their majors.

About the EAN National Training Conference 

The conference features the special communication training that is the hallmark of the Engineering Ambassadors Network. During the workshop, Engineering Ambassadors (EAs) work in teams to build a 15-minute outreach presentations. The presentation style is unlike most typical engineering communication – think TED talk, rather than boring conference presentations. EAs will walk away with newfound confidence in public speaking that they can apply to outreach, their academic career, and professional pursuits. The workshop also offers a valuable opportunity for EAs to network with each other. The experience of attending this workshop forms lasting bonds between students.