How to Enroll in Classes

After receiving your enrollment date and time, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the campus portal at and click the Students tab. Login (using your campus username and password) when asked.
  2. Click the Student Center option, and choose the Enroll option in the Academics section.
  3. On the Add tab, select a registration term. Then click Continue. (If only one term is available to you for registration, you will not see this page and will be taken directly to the next page)
  4. If you know the class number (i.e. 10004) you wish to add, enter it in the Enter Class Nbr field and then click Enter. Otherwise, to search for classes, click Search.
  5. Enter at least two search criteria when searching for a class (Subject, Course Number or Course Career) and click Search.
  6. The Status field will indicate the status of the class:  Open, Closed or Wait List. Select the class you want to add by clicking Select Class.
  7. For some classes, you can set your enrollment preferences such as taking a class for a letter grade or for credit/no credit or being added to a wait list if the class is full. Confirm your enrollment by clicking on Next.
  8. A confirmation message will indicate that the class has been added to your Shopping Cart.You can add multiple classes at the same time in your Shopping Cart. To finish your enrollment, click Proceed To Step 2 Of 3.
  9. Review the course(s) you are enrolling in. Click Finish Enrolling to complete your enrollment.