In Spring of 2020 California State University, Fullerton, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, swiftly transitioned from a face-to-face to a virtual environment. This abrupt interruption to our normal operations required significant enhancements of processes and resources to support remote teaching and learning, as well as university business operations. 

This IT strategic plan was developed (Spring 2019) and refreshed (Spring 2021) through consultative engagement with the campus community and is aligned with the University’s strategic plan.

The Division of Information Technology plays a significant role at California State University, Fullerton. We understand the challenges that face our students, faculty, and staff and we continuously strive to produce a higher quality of services designed to meet the expectations of the campus community.

The Division of Information Technology partners with other divisions to fully integrate technology into regular campus operations and to ensure that the services, equipment, and software applications we provide are customized to the needs of each area.

Our Vision

The Division of Information Technology strives to be a strategic, innovative, and best-in-class IT organization that provides a leading-edge technology environment for students, faculty, and staff to advance the University’s mission, vision, and goals. We empower our students to become digital citizens and to utilize immersive technology in curricular and co-curricular instruction.

Our Mission

We advance the vision and goals of our University by contributing to educational innovation and providing agile, cost-effective, and reliable technology services and facilities to our campus community.

Our Values

  • Collaborative & Service Oriented
  • Accountable & Transparent
  • Innovative & Secure            
  • Agile & Efficient

GOAL 1: Student Success 
Our students depend on technology as an integral part of their academic and social experiences at CSUF. Social technology can foster a sense of belonging, increase student retention, and promote academic achievement. Technology is continuously changing and providing the most innovative technology will prepare students for success.

GOAL 2: Innovative Technologies
The Division of IT will continue to explore and implement transformative technology for the campus community.

GOAL 3: Inclusive Organizational ExcellenceA diverse and inclusive work environment ensures staff have the skills, understanding, and time to influence the success of the Division.

GOAL 4: Next-Gen Cyber Infrastructure
A robust and secure next-gen cyber infrastructure lays the foundation for all information technology services the University provides to its constituents.

Our Guiding Principles


People First represents our commitment to treating our team members with care and respect and to the values of diversity, inclusion, and unconditional equity

Design for Digital leverages processes and tools for sustainable, efficient, and secure operations

Cloud Ready focuses on application and data services first in a private or public cloud while maintaining security

Enterprise Ready is our readiness to support enterprise information technology implementations with mobile capabilities, while ensuring accessibility and compliance


Dhusdee Chandswang, Hector Ramirez, Kristin Stang, Berhanu Tadesse

Erica Bowers, Robin Crew, Charles Grieb, Rommel Hidalgo, Rakhee Mistry, Clint-Michael Reneau, Pamela White, Crystal Quintanar (student representative)

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